Luxury Woodworking. Custom Cabinets—this is best of the best.

The workmanship and creativity of true craftsmen, Vine & Branches is a combined 25-years of cabinet design and woodworking experience, beginning in the year, 1999. We build nothing but custom cabinets.

For starters, all of our stain-grade cabinet face frames, doors, and drawer fronts are crafted from first-quality, solid hardwoods. The materials we use for our cabinet boxes are all wood (we exclusively use quality veneer-core plywood for all of our cabinets—no particle board, ever). We also offer paint-grade cabinetry that is also built using solid hardwood face and door frames; our paint-grade cabinet doors employ MDF center panels because that material offers the best available paint surface you can buy. Our structural parts are never made from fiber boards.

This soft modern kitchen checked-off all of the owner's needs. (click the above image for more)

Superior workmanship and materials are our standard. We know no other way.

Vine & Branches custom cabinets come standard with features that others call upgrades. All of our cabinet doors use soft-closing / self-closing hinges; all drawer boxes are dovetailed and ride on soft-closing / self-closing (hidden) glides; all cabinet boxes are finest quality plywood – no particle board ever; all boxes are assembled using fitted joints called “dadoes” (the dado joint is a groove cut into the side wall of a cabinet where the shelves, top and bottom pieces are attached). This method creates intrinsic mechanical strength for every shelf, even before it is nailed into place. If leather seats and a GPS navigation system were options for cabinets, Vine & Branches would include them!

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant uses the latest CNC technology, coupled with craftsmen who care enough about their work to sign each completed unit. The result for you is a product that makes your home your castle…and here’s the kicker: you get all of this for a fair price! Over the years we have found that our pricing structure for full custom cabinets is very competitive, even with semi-custom manufacturers and big box stores.

Most kitchens can be built in 12-15 business days. We professionally install everything we build. We deliver luxury for a very fair price and back our work 100%.

Custom Cabinet Design

We are experienced designers as well, with an eye for a variety of aesthetics. Upon our first meeting, part of our estimating process includes your actual cabinet design. We take full advantage of the latest technologies where we’ll sit down with you in your current kitchen and design your new kitchen while we sit and enjoy coffee together. You will be able to see a full 3-D rendering of your new cabinets, on the spot, before you contract with us and before we ever touch a piece of wood.

There is no job too big or small; one cabinet for a half-bath, or cabinets for every room in your home, we build exactly what you want or need.

Cabinet Installation

We professionally install everything we build. In fact, installation is included in your contracted price. This way you are insured a quality end-product, without damage or mistakes. We really believe the idea of “fine woodworks” means quality, literally brought into your home.

Have a look at this wonderful kitchen and living room. (click the above image for more)